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Back Pain Treatment

Back Pain

Do you have back pain? Looking for back pain treatment in Georgetown? We are here to help! Back pain is the leading cause of years lived with disability in the world! It is important to understand what type of back pain you have so that you get the correct treatment. A chiropractor is trained to diagnose and treat many types of back pain.


Common sources of back pain include:

  • Discs

  • Joints

  • Nerves

  • Muscles


Back pain can be local or it can travel into the surrounding tissue, arms, and legs. Pain that is in a different location than the injury is called referred pain. A chiropractor can help determine the cause of your specific back pain.


What does back pain feel like?

Depending on the affected tissue, back pain can feel very different. Joint pain can be sharp for example, while nerve pain can feel like pins and needles or burning. Different areas of the spine are also predisposed to their own unique set of issues and so it is important to consider the region of the spine affected.

  • Cervical Spine: this is the part of the spine that makes up the neck. Poor posture, computer work, looking at cell phones or gaming devices, driving, are all examples of activities that can lead to pain in this region.

  • Thoracic Spine: from the base of our neck to the bottom of the rib cage is the thoracic spine. Twisting bending, trauma, and coughing, are some examples of ways this part of the spine can become irritated.

  • Lumbar Spine: this the lower part of our spine between the rib cage and hips. Common causes of aggravation include lifting, bending, twisting, sitting, driving, poor lifting form, etc.


When we injure a part of our spine or back, the pain can feel different depending on what structure is irritated. Below are what some common injuries feel like:

  • Sciatica: burning or tingling into the legs and feet

  • Facet Joint Syndrome: sharp local pain, muscles may seize around the area

  • Muscle pain: sharp, burning, local pain, often worse with movement

  • Ligament pain: sharp pain, often worse at end ranges of motion

  • Disc bulge or disc herniation: sharp or aching, can spread to surrounding areas

  • Visceral pain: non specific, dull pain (can get sharp). May require medical attention.

What treatments are available for back pain?

It can be daunting selecting the right type of care. Chiropractic is a great treatment option for back pain, but you may also consider physiotherapy, osteopathy, yoga, occupational therapy, massage, and more! The most important consideration is finding a practitioner that uses evidence based, patient focused care. At Thomas Back and Body we ensure only the best, highly researched care is provided. Some examples of care programs for different types of back pain can be seen below.

  • Back pain that is worse with bending: This may indicate a disc is involved. Patients with this type of back pain respond well to chiropractic adjustments and mobilizations. Specific extension based exercise, soft tissue release, cupping, acupuncture, and stretching are also techniques that can be used.

  • Back pain is worse with extending the back: As we lean back we compress the joints of the spine. The main treatment goal for this type of pain is to alleviate irritation in these joints. This type of pain also responds well to chiropractic adjustments and mobilizations. The exercise recommendation is very different however. Extension based back pain utilizes a flexion based exercise program to decompress the spinal joints.

  • Back pain with pain into the legs: pain that travels from the back into the legs can indicate that a nerve is irritated. The technical name for this is “lumbar radiculopathy”; sciatica is a term that is also commonly used. The goal of this treatment program is to determine the reason a nerve is irritated and provide techniques to take pressure of the affected area. Nerves can become trapped in near bones, joints, and muscles. Degeneration of the spine can also narrow passages that nerves travel through through a condition known as spinal stenosis. A chiropractor can help determine which of these is occurring.


To determine the cause of your back pain and to get treatment for back pain, you can book online through the link at the top of the page. At Thomas Back and Body we understand you want to see the best chiropractor in Georgetown, and we will do everything to ensure your expectations are met.

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