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Ergonomic Assessment

Ergonomic Assessment in Georgetown


Your work shouldn’t be giving you pain. At Thomas Back and Body we can assess your workstation to optimize safety and ergonomics. Correct posture and ergonomics can help prevent musculoskeletal disorders. Symptoms of musculoskeletal disorders include:

  • painful or restricted movement

  • swelling and inflammation

  • stiffness

  • numbness and/or tingling

Some tips to make your workspace more effective include:

  • Store objects off the floor to avoids awkward reaching and bending

  • Use tables and benches to perform work at a suitable height

  • Use carts/dollies to move heavy objects

  • Keep objects you use often close on your desk to avoid reaching

  • Work with your hands below your head, and if overhead work is required use lighter tools

  • Look straight ahead while you work to avoid stress on the neck and upper back. Adequate equipment positioning can assist with this.

  • Take activity breaks to avoid prolonged stressful postures

  • Use tools that put your wrist in strong, neutral postures


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To book your assessment call the clinic at (647) 277- 4625 or email us at At Thomas Back and Body we are happy to set up your appointment with a Georgetown chiropractor

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