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Muscle Treatment in Georgetown


Muscle tension is an all too common part of modern life. Common areas affected include the shoulder, neck, upper and lower back. At Thomas Back and Body we offer a variety of treatments for muscle pain, including:


  • Muscle release therapy: the doctor will apply pressure to specific areas and move a limb through its range of motion. This will help release tension, decrease pain, break up scar tissue, and accelerate healing.

  • Instrument assisted soft tissue: various tools can be used to apply pressure/scrape along tight muscles. The shape of the tool will determine the effectiveness for use on different types/sizes of muscle.

  • Massage: therapists can knead out tight areas of the body to provide relief and relaxation.

  • Ischemic compression: Specific pressure applied to muscle knots to release them and provide pain relief.


To book your treatment with a Georgetown Chiropractor contact the clinic today.

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