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Cupping in Georgetown


What is Cupping Therapy?


Cupping is a type of treatment that has been used for thousands of years. Ancient Greek historian Herodotus recorded the use of cupping for indigestion, lung disease, headaches, and a variety of other ailments (1). The treatment works using suction generated through pumps or heat. Cups can be made from plastic, glass, clay, or even bamboo.


Modern cupping is often used for muscle pain or athletic recovery. Research has demonstrated cupping to be an effective technique when used to reduce chronic back pain (2). Patient who underwent 5 treatments over 2-3 weeks had a significant reduction in pain. Other studies have also demonstrated a 66% reduction in headache pain severity after the use of cupping therapy (3). Cupping is generally used for:


Cupping in Georgetown


At Thomas Back and Body we provide dry cupping treatment. The treatment aims to increase blood flow, decrease tension, and provide pain relief. After cupping patients may notice some discoloration at the cupping site, this is a result of the suction pulling blood into the treatment area. This is a normal response and cupping is generally regarded as a safe treatment. If you would like to see a chiropractor in Georgetown and book your cupping treatment, contact the clinic today and we will be happy to set up an appointment. The doctor will then do a detailed assessment to ensure you get the best possible treatment.



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Cupping Therapy
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