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Exercise Rehabilitation


Exercise is an important part of the recovery process when coming back from an injury. At Thomas Back and Body we provide exercise programs for recovery, athletic performance, and posture.


Exercise for recovery:

When the body is injured there are specific exercises that can be used to enhance recovery. This will depend on the injury location and severity of the injury. Exercise can also have sub goals within the recovery process. For example, some exercise programs may focus on strength whereas others use range of motion as a primary goal. Another important consideration is proprioception. A good exercise plan will increase a patient’s awareness of their body’s positioning in space, so they can better avoid dangerous or irritating movements/positions.


Exercise for athletic performance:

Chiropractors often work with athletes and can create custom plans so that patients excel at there particular sport. Each athlete has a unique set of sport specific requirements that a chiropractor can assess and subsequently incorporate into an exercise program.


Exercise for posture:

Preventative and corrective exercise is an important part of a healthy, pain-free lifestyle. Your chiropractor can determine the best exercises to help prevent rounded backs/shoulders and decrease muscle strain. A chiropractor can also perform an ergonomic assessment to ensure your workspace is not contributing to your back pain or neck pain. Contact the clinic today or reserve online to see a chiropractor in Georgetown.

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