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Custom Orthotics in Georgetown


If you are looking to get orthotics in Halton region Thomas Back and Body is here to help. Our clinic uses the latest technology in 3D scanning to ensure the best possible foot orthotic. The doctor will perform a detailed biomechanical exam, assessing the foot and walking patterns. Depending on the unique condition, adjustments can be made to the orthotic to accommodate. You do not need a prescription to get orthotics, however some insurance companies may require this for coverage purposes. To get orthotics in Georgetown at Thomas Back and Body, call the clinic and we will be happy to assist.


How are orthotics made:


After the biomechanical exam and 3D scan we send exam date through the cloud to the orthotic lab. Trained technicians will then manufacture the orthotic or orthopedic shoe and then send the completed product to the clinic.

What conditions can orthotics help with:

  • Arch/foot pain: overuse of the muscles and joints of the feet can create aching, burning, or even tingling. Proper support from orthotics can ease these stresses and provide relief.

  • Arthritis: damage to the joints can lead to foot pain and inflammation. Orthotics can support the foot joints.

  • Athletes foot: fungal infections like athletes foot can be very uncomfortable. Orthotics can be designed to provide breathability. Treatment for fungal infections often includes medication and keeping the foot dry and clean.

  • Bunions: when the big to deforms and bends in this can be very painful. Orthotics can be used to alleviate pressure points around this area.

  • Blisters: friction in footwear can lead to blisters. Orthotics can be used to avoid pressures that cause irritation.

  • Back pain: good back support starts at the feet. Foot issues can progress up the leg and affect alignment of the spine. Orthotics can provide support to that can help alleviate back pain.

  • Flat feet: arch support can be incorporated into orthotics to support flat feet.

  • Gout: joints affected by gout are often very painful, red, and inflamed. Proper footwear is essential to alleviate pressure and avoid pain.

  • Hip pain: imbalances in the hips can lead to pain.

  • Heel spurs: bone build up at the bottom of the heel can be painful. Cushioned orthotics can be alleviating.

  • Knee pain: proper foot support can help prevent abnormal knee positioning that can aggravate the ligaments and muscles around the knee.

  • Metatarsalgia: irritation of the joints, muscles and nerves of the feet can be painful. Orthotics can be used to redistribute pressure.

  • Morton’s Neuroma: when the nerves of the foot get pinched it can be very painful, burning or tingling may also be felt.

  • Plantar Fasciitis: this common condition causes pain in the bottom of the foot and is usually worse first thing in the morning. Orthotics can provide support to relieve stressors that exacerbate irritation.

  • Sesamoiditis: Improper foot mechanics can irritate small bones in the feet.

  • Shin splints: pain in the shin that is common in athletes and runners. Exercises and orthotics can help provide relief.

  • Stress fractures: many things can contribute to stress fracture, including diseases, poor nutrition, and overuse.


Examples of orthotics:




To get your orthotics in Georgetown, call today or book online. We take pride in being your choice for chiropractic treatment in Halton.

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